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Established in Miami for over 30 years.

When financial problems plague you and relationship woes worry you, find serenity and the answers you need through psychic readings. Based in Miami, Florida, I am the Oracle, a psychic medium, tarot reader and astrologer operating here for over 30 years. Clients can come to me seeking guidance for the present and future, and a resolution of the past.

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What I Offer Clients

As a naturally gifted intuitive, I make use of divinatory tools to focus my E.S.P. during sessions with clients. From questions about love to financial concerns, clients receive accurate and helpful information to guide them in their future choices. I make use of astrology and tarot card readings to divine the story behind your reasons for coming to my shop and forecast the elements of what is to come. You’ll receive information about the resolution of a situation as it is and possible changes to make to get what you want. I can help you in making personal decisions, such as whether to remain together or whether to take a new job.

I also assist clients in resolving issues in their present lives and past lives through chakra alignment and astral travel sessions.

On-Site Consultations & Reports

Most of my psychic readings are available through sessions held when people come to me. I meet with clients to provide a live session using tarot card readings, palmistry, or another form of divination. Come to me with your questions and I’ll discern the answers. I create astrology charts and forecasts for clients to help them be aware of coming trends. You’ll need to provide some personal information for a chart.

A Unique Advisor
Other psychic advisors may offer generalizations and rely on tricks to gain information. I’m not in that category. You’ll be more than convinced of my ability through the detailed, verifiable truths provided by my vision mind. I do what others only claim to do.

No matter what fond hope or wish you have in mind for your session, none is so great that it cannot be accomplished. Where others may have failed in the past, I can guarantee success. Clients come to me from miles away for insight and advice regarding their problems. They all succeed in solving these issues with my help. I have faith in what I do. After a session, you will too. Clients can receive never-failing advice on all areas of life, including:

  • Love
  • Courtship
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Business Speculations
  • Business Transactions

Help With All Questions

You’ll find assistance with all your issues. I never fail to unite the separated, bring speedy, happy marriages to fruition, and help clients to overcome challenges. Find solutions for dealing with enemies, rivals, lovers’ quarrels, evil habits, stumbling blocks, and bad karma.

Take Charge Of Your Life Now
Don’t wait any longer to resolve issues that are causing you frustration. Love, money, family, and spirit, can all be the cause of major upsets in your life. Without resolving the blockages, you have in these areas, you’ll only endure more pain. I can give you peace of mind and options for a positive outcome. God bless you until I see you.

Tarot Card Readings, Palm Reading, and much more!

My vision mind will convince you of my ability. I do what others claim to do.

There’s no hope so fond or wish so great that I cannot help accomplish for you. I guarantee success where all others fail. People have come for miles with their problems and succeeded in solving them with my help. I have faith in what I do. I have never-failing advice on all affairs of life such as love, courtship, marriage, divorce, business speculations and transactions. I never fail to unite the separated; cause speedy, happy marriages; or overcome enemies, rivals, lover’s quarrels, evil habits, stumbling blocks and bad karma of all kinds. God bless you until I see you.

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