The Oracle Is Open In London, UK

The Oracle is sharing exciting news about our services extending to London in the U.K. I will be offering the same professional services as our Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York sites in the USA, as well as Japan. I specialize in the esoteric sciences, including Palm Reading, ESP Psychic Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Handwriting Analysis, Past Life Regression, and Chakra Alignment.

The Oracle’s expert analysis of your past, present, and future will enlighten you about your soul’s journey using these methods:

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Tel: (44) 07865 196000

Our talented mediums offer the following services:

  • Palm Reading
  • ESP Psychic Reading
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Past Life Regression
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Astrology Charts

Palm Reading

Allow The Oracle to reveal and interpret the hidden information located in the palms of your hand. The left palm lines are a guide to your opportunities that have and will come your way in this lifetime. The right palm lines show your choice concerning each of these opportunities.

Having expert interpretations will give you valuable information about your life as well as your fate. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for what lies ahead. Let me show you what is written in your palms in a one-on-one live session.

ESP Psychic Reading

Do you want to know more about your future concerning love, marriage, wealth, and your life’s path? The use of my natural E.S.P. abilities to connect with your soul’s journey in this lifetime is very revealing.

When I became aware of my special gifts, it was before the age of ten. As I entered my teen years, I began to share my talents with others. Thirty years later, my clients who are located in many parts of the world, have benefited from our consultations. Many have been coming to me for years. Let me help intuitively open the important information locked inside of you from birth.

Telepathy and clairvoyance are modes of transmitting and receiving information solely by the mind of the psychic that are not detectable to others. These extra sensory abilities allow a medium to receive messages from the spirit world that non-psychic people cannot hear.

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Tarot Card Reading

Your fate can be found in the cards. The Tarot Cards are a tool that I use to help focus my E.S.P. natural abilities with your energy to reveal information about love, relationships, success, and business. This ancient divination card tool aligns my E.S.P. abilities with visual pictures to reinforce the information provided.

The reading can be questions of immediate concerns or provide a larger overview of a chain of events. My custom layout is extensive in order to reveal as much information as possible. All questions asked will be answered. Let the cards show you the answers as I give a detailed reading to their meanings.

Handwriting Analysis

Graphology is the science of handwriting analysis. The loops and swirls, the lean and size of your letters hold information about your personality. We, as humans, have over 5,000 personality traits. Your writing style discloses those traits of your personality. I will decipher your handwriting style so you can have a deeper understanding of your personality. Cursive handwriting reveals more than a printed style. Each style of writing is quick to show different aspects of who you are. Take the time to have this information explained so you will know what others may see when writing a note or signing your name.

Past Life Regression

Are their memories that you cannot explain, phobias and fears that do not make sense. Maybe you feel a familiarity with a complete stranger, or drawn to a place you have never been to. If you believe in the soul being immortal, it is not a far leap to believing we live multiple lifetimes.

Regression is a way to connect this lifetime with lives we have lived in the past. Some of those memories we carry with us from past lives to this one. Once recognized, there can be closure. I can help using regression techniques that will resolve those issues.

Past life regression is also a way to find memories of soul mates and soul companions. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, unlocking the memory of your last life with them helps you understand that they have traveled through time with you and you will see them again in another lifetime. This knowledge can offer great comfort to those who are unable to move through the grieving process.

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Call us at +44 07865 196000 or email at oraclepsychic@gmail.com
1 St. Floor, 239 Kensington High Street
Greater London W86SN
United Kingdom

Chakra Alignment

Using gentle methods, having your Chakras realigned releases negative energy that can impede your health and well being in the body and spirit. The soothing techniques I use will have an immediate effect that will begin to change how you feel and think.

Let me reopen these channels of energy to remove blockages that have been having a negative flow in your body.

Astrology Charts

The ancient art of astrology is the belief that the stars give insight into you as an individual as well as the path your life will take.

A full natal astrological chart can help you understand your own personality, what kinds of personalities are a best fit for you, and guide you through your life journey.

Oracle is here to help!

The Oracle’s new location is
1 St. Floor, 239 Kensington High Street
Greater London W86SN
United Kingdom
Call us at +44 07865 196000 or email at oraclepsychic@gmail.com

I will be happy to arrange an appointment.