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¿Qué es una Carta Astral?

La Carta Astral Ríos de tinta han corrido sobre la Carta Astral a lo largo de la historia. Se ha escrito sobre las posibilidades que esta nos brinda, si puede guiarnos en nuestra vida, si nos ayudará a conocernos mejor a nosotros mismos o a superar un problema concreto. Hay mucho misticismo en torno a [...]

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How to Cleanse Your Chakras

How to Cleanse your ChakrasIf you are feeling out of sorts, but just can't put your finger on what is happening to you, it may be wise to consider a blockage in your seven main chakras. Located from the base of your spine to the top of your head, each of these chakras plays a [...]

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What is a Chakra Alignment

Our chakras are the wheels that keep our lives on track. When one or more of them is out of balance, too open, or too closed, it can send us into a tailspin of emotional problems, mental blocks, and even physical ailments when left unchecked. The purpose of chakra alignment is to correct the chakras [...]

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