The Moon Phases

Like us, the moon cycles through phases. Using certain crystals during specific moon phases can make their effects more powerful. Here are some useful moon phase and crystal pairings.

New Moon

A new moon is symbolic of rebirth and it presents an opportunity to release past trauma and start anew. A new moon is a good time to focus on closure. Aquamarine crystals balance emotions and are perfect for pairing with the new moon and bringing about a fresh start.

Waxing Crescent

A waxing crescent moon represents positive changes in one’s emotional state. Self-reflection is important during this phase of the moon cycle, and the best crystal to use for this is Rose Quartz. Rose quartz encourages love and harmony and can help unscramble emotions.

First Quarter

The first quarter phase of the moon is about action. This is the time to change situations in your life that are causing unhappiness or worry. These changes often require courage, which is why Carnelian crystals should be used during this time. Carnelian enhances courage and confidence, making it a useful crystal to power through difficult changes.

Waxing Gibbous

Efforts are often rewarded during this phase of the moon cycle. During the waxing gibbous, you can expect to see the fruits of your labor. It is important to be patient and exact with your work during this time. This phase of the moon is paired well with a Tiger’s Eye crystal. Tiger’s Eye invites good luck and praise. Additionally, Tiger’s Eye is affective in blocking bad luck and negative energies.

Full Moon

A full moon is the most exciting and energetic stage of the moon cycle. Motivation is at a peak during this time, making this the time to finish any projects that you’re working on. This is also a good time to analyze how your energy is being spent and to see if you can be more efficient. Sunstones help promote energy and motivation and should be used during this moon phase.

Waning Gibbous

This moon phase is all about cutting out toxic people and protecting yourself. Citrine crystals bring positive energy and creativity, which can be useful during this time.

Waning Crescent

This is the time to banish any negative energies in your life. This is also a good time to rid your home of clutter, a process that can be expedited by using a Bloodstone. Bloodstone crystals encourage peace and block negativity.