Astrology charts are created using basic astronomy. The chart maps the location of the planets in the sky at a specific time from the viewpoint of the Earth. All that is required to make an accurate astrology chart is a knowledge of mathematics and keen observation. In order to use the chart, you must know the date, time and place where you were born. If you are unable to locate this information, you can use your best estimate. The time you were born is important because it enables you to discover your rising sign. An astrology chart provides insight regarding your actions, development, patterns, and desires.

You can learn what areas of your life require further development, understand what you are missing and learn more about why you react in certain ways. This information will enable you to grow and improve the quality of your life. You birth charts reveal important aspects to an astrologer. The zodiac is an important part of the chart. This was originally created by the Babylonians when they separated the sky into twelve different areas. The biggest constellation in each area was used for a name. The Babylonians used their chart to make predictions regarding important events, track the passing of time and predict potential misfortunes for the planet.

Astrology has been used for centuries for philosophy, science, magic, and medicine. The location of the planets at the time you were born to help determine your passion, desires, personality, weaknesses strengths and motivation. Every planet has a different significance. The sun represents your personality, the moon your emotions and moods, Mercury your communication and Venus is the symbol of attraction and love. Due to the slow movements of Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, the signs are only able to change every one to fifteen years. The planets impact you on an intimate level.

Your rising sign determines the placement of the planets in each house. This shows you which planet is associated with your house. This determines how you act in public, the way you are seen by others and how you interact with the world. A good example is if you are a Virgo in the eleventh house, your motivation to assist others will be extremely practical. Each sign, house, and planet have different characteristics linked to specific emotions and character traits. Your zodiac sign impacts different aspects of your life depending on your house and the location of the planets. Understanding your astrology chart will provide you with new insights.

The stars are there to offer you an insight through your horoscope. This will help you understand your life experiences by understanding the transformations triggered as the planets move to a new position. Your chart will show you the locations of the planets at the time of your birth. This has a great influence on your personality, how you perceive the world, your motivations, and your deepest desires. The sun is a representation of your preferences, personality, and ego. The moon represents your spirituality. Mercury is about rationality and logic. Venus symbolizes culture, art, romance, and love.

Mars teaches you about physical lust and passion while Jupiter is about philosophy, spirituality, and abundance. Saturn is often unemotional and harsh to teach you how to deal with challenges. Uranus symbolizes innovation, rebellion, and technology. To understand astrology, you must learn the representations of each planet. The planets are the basis for astrology charts.