Oracle Tarot

There are few objects or spiritual practices in the world that conjure up more intensity than the Tarot. This ancient and fascinating occult practice has its roots in middle eastern and Asian cultures. The Oracle tarot operates uniquely and sincerely. A system designed precisely to harness the Oracle’s extraordinary gifts.

  A psychic medium, astrologer, and tarot reader who has been working for over thirty years. The Oracle received her gifts at the young age of nine and began helping others around the age of fourteen. Current life is chaotic and full of urgency. Your tarot reading will only take a couple of minutes. Cutting through the erratic nature of the day can be difficult. Finding unclouded answers to your concerns is now timely and practical. There is no need to hesitate.
Throughout time the tarot has been accessed to give guidance and clarity to one’s path. A wide variety of layouts and card decks persist. Many of these decks are quite similar in scope. The design and process have been known to be time-consuming and sometimes impractical. Oracle cards vs tarot cards stand out in results among the rest. A tailored approach to one’s individuality and lifestyle is a smart and time tested way to achieve fulfillment. Adapting to your needs maintains a personal experience. The psychic tarot Oracle deck card meanings are unique to this method.
The Oracle’s purpose is to produce results where others fail or claim to achieve. Her clients consist of many individuals from all walks of life, all over the world. The purpose of the work is to recruit others for a much larger and positive mission. Sometimes answers seem elusive if not impossible to locate. The guidance of the tarot cards Oracle will bring you the direction and answers you seek. Please make contact and begin the straightforward and efficient process towards clarity.
This process can become a permanent fixture in daily spiritual development. We walk a path that can seem uncharted. At times we simply do not know where to reach for help. It is time to start receiving the direction you deserve. Online tarot card readings are available. Feel free to inquire about this process and ask any questions you may have.
Other services offered are diverse. Please take some time to read information on each category. Individuals can benefit from understanding each section and realizing what is best for their needs.

Palm Reading:

Another ancient and potent tool of divination. Palm reading by the Oracle will allow for meaningful answers to your past, present, and future in many areas of your life. The answers within the palm have strong roots in Hindu and Chinese civilization. All lines and hand shape are analyzed. The hands show where we have been, and what future lies ahead. Our palms, fingers, and lines have a distilled character representing what we are. A Palm reading creates a strong psychic bond and is far more than tactile experience.

Chakra Alignment:

Chakra healing and alignment is key to removing negative energy and blockages that affect mind, body, and spirit. The study and healing of Chakras have its origin in ancient Hindu and Buddhist culture. Seven gateways correspond to various locations in a vertical column on the body. These portals can become blocked or be in disharmony. Chakras relate to the more spiritual aspect of the body.
The seven Chakras from root to crown include the Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, and the crown Sahasrara. In many situations, individuals choose to add traditional yoga in addition to alignment. The health and constitutional benefits are many. Various methods from sound, lapidary specimens, and other techniques are used in treatment.

E.S.P Psychic Readings:

The Oracle can conduct extra sensory perception psychic readings for the client. Tapping into the well of unusual ability and power allows for thorough readings of the individual. Any questions are welcome from dealings in marriage, money, love, happiness, past, present, future, success. Several questions can help to be answered in one single session.
More sessions may be required for many issues and may lead to others. A straightforward psychic reading can be a very personal experience. A classic reading coupled with the tarot can be the personal favorite of many individuals. Simple, focused and efficient.

Handwriting Analysis:

A fascinating practical and spiritual tool. The analysis provides incredible insight into the client’s concerns, mental state, inner drive, core traits, and the overall state of their existence. Examination of your script can reveal much more about yourself then you may want to hear. It is a potent system that leans heavily on facing oneself. Many people find the process exciting and quite rewarding. Sometimes we have a hard time being able to see the true self. This process can very much strengthen the client by exposing all sides of their personality and spirituality. Knowing who you are is key to progress.

Astrology Charts:

A long enduring occult science. Astrology is a complex backbone to spiritual guidance that takes years to master. The Oracle has decades of expertise in the area of horoscopes and detailed charts. The position of the heavenly bodies weighs heavily on our personal lives.
We are all unique. In the same aspect that our DNA is solely ours, our spiritual structure is similar. Signs, birthplace, time, region and positions all affect our particular charts. Many are already familiar with the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each sign of course corresponding to your month of birth. Charts can be created by providing your birthday, birth location and time of birth.
In doing so, trends can be marked in your close future allowing you to make better spiritual and life path decisions. Reports can be created before a session or even sent to an individual based on preference. Three, six, and twelve-month forecast options are available. An essential and often eye opening experience. Please inquire about this process to find out what suits your needs and budget.

Past Life Regression:

Have you ever felt the memories of a far away land? Many people feel drawn to a life that they almost feel is not theirs. Something, some land, some life distant from this reality in another time. These impressions can be powerful; many people don’t even realize past lives they have led. Past lives accessed through the aid of astral travel/projection can be a wonder.
The ability to achieve the classic out of body experience by separating the physical body from the astral one. This separation allows traveling through time and space, throughout the universe. Past lives may contain blockages and unresolved conflicts that impede progress in your current life/body.
The experience as a whole can be profound. Many individuals experience sincere and deep emotional response. The result can be life changing. There is a spirit cleansing that takes place, leading to an ease of mind and a better understanding of who you truly are. It has been said that baggage and lessons of our past directly correlate to our current lives. The journey back can be an amazing one.

Regarding Session Length:

Most readings and services last between thirty to forty-five minutes. The Oracle recommends that clients set a bit more than this amount of time to their schedule, plus some time for greetings. For the first session, it is important to know that multiple clients are scheduled on the same day. Have your questions written down or ready in mind. It is a wise decision; this will help maximize the potential of each service rendered. Sessions may proceed a bit longer if there seems to be significant productivity for the client and if the Oracle is receiving a lot of information.

Spiritual health and insight are vital to our existence. The Oracle tarot and broad range of services offered can help you achieve the answers to your questions. It is a permanent tool to add to your life that is practical, efficient and comfortable.
Feel secure in knowing you are guided by a thirty-year practitioner of spiritual sciences. The Oracle is entirely devoted to using her natural psychic gifts and abilities to help those find the answers they desperately need. Guidance is often lacking in our lives and spiritual paths. Achieving firm grounding will promote success, happiness and inner peace.
Please go to my services for contact information and to begin consultation on setting up readings. All services are private and always strictly confidential.