Tarot Card Reading Near Me

You might be wondering about questions like “how can I find tarot card reading near me?”, “what can tarot do for me?”, and “how does tarot work?” In this post, we’ll tackle these questions and more to help you learn about this mystic art. Times like these are extraordinary, and sometimes that means taking extraordinary measures to gain insight into your life.


The world we live in seems to get more complicated with each passing day. With the political upheaval of all kinds, an uncertain economy that no one seems able to predict, and a lack of any clear guidance from cultural, spiritual, or emotional leaders, it’s no wonder that so many people feel stressed, anxious, or lost.


Tarot Readings 101

When was the last time that you considered getting a tarot reading? Tarot is commonly thought of as an amusement, something to do for fun or to pass the time without serious meaning. However, a tarot reading can provide you with focus, clarity, and a new perspective on your environment if you are open to the experience.


Most people think of tarot readings as something you do when you want to know the future. The cards are meant to provide some sort of knowledge about the things that will happen to you soon or the path that your life might take. This knowledge can then help you prepare to meet challenges or embrace opportunities in advance.


The truth, however, is that tarot reading is actually focused on the present. A skilled reader is able to use the cards to learn about your current circumstances and provide you with some additional insight about what you should do or how you should think about the events that you are currently experiencing. It is true that many tarot readers use the information they get from the cards to attempt to project into the future and predict what will happen. But not all tarot happens that way, and sometimes a present-oriented approach can be more useful.


In our practice, we want to use our techniques to help you understand the most important factors and forces that are influencing your life and affecting your actions, plans, and goals. Getting a tarot reading, palm reading, or medium reading allows you to learn about these factors with the help of another person. It is much like seeking the help of a trusted and highly insightful friend.


Tarot in Modern Life

It’s easy to dismiss tarot and related arts as outdated or relics of times gone by. However, tarot readings still have a place in the modern experience, especially when other sources of guidance falter. Tarot might be marginalized, but it still has value.


This is hardly unique to tarot. For example, consider the rise of mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is derived from Hindu spiritual practices that date back thousands of years. At first glance, it’s hard to see why something that seems so out of place in our tech-focused, ego-driven, and maximum-speed culture has suddenly risen to prominence. The truth is that it is that very apparently anachronistic conflict is what has spurred mindfulness on. When society and the modern system fail to deliver insights and solutions to people’s problems, it’s no surprise that they look elsewhere.


Mindfulness and tarot are more similar than might be apparent at first. Both are ancient spiritual traditions. Both help us achieve peace, insight, and guidance in modern life. Both are heavily focused on two key relationships: your relationship with your guide or reader and your relationship with yourself. They each have their own path, but they promote self-knowledge and focus.


The common portrayals of tarot as either a deeply magical art for predicting the details of the future or as an amusing way to spend an afternoon don’t incorporate this perspective. That’s large because society treats tarot in much the same way as it treats any other alternative path. The more you learn about tarot, the more you will come to see how it can benefit you and how tarot card readings near me can help you see things that were previously unclear.


Practical Tarot

To learn about how tarot works, it is useful to start off with a quick description of the cards and then talk about how readers use them. A set of tarot cards has four suits, just like common playing cards. The suits are swords, wands, cups, and disks. Some practitioners have different names for the suits. There is a total of 78 cards in the deck. Of those, 56 have suits.
These are called the minor arcana. The remaining 22 do not have suits and are referred to as the major arcana. The minor arcana are similar to playing cards- each suit has a card for each of the numbers one through ten, plus a King, Queen, Knight, and Jack. That is a total of 14 minor arcana cards of each suit. The major arcana are special unique cards. They include cards like the Tower, the Fool, Justice, Death, the Star, the Moon, and the Hanged Man.


There are a few different forms of tarot that use a variety of designs. The basic card concepts stay the same, but some printers add different themes. For example, there are tarot cards with natural names and images for the cards, astrological-themed cards, and even cyberwar-inspired cards. The theme doesn’t particularly matter other than as a way to focus you and the reader on the knowledge of the cards. In particular, changing the name of the major arcana does not change their meaning. That’s important because it reflects the continuity of the tradition of tarot. A reader at a tarot reading near me should be able to tell you what meanings they assign to each card and combination no matter the theme.


Tarot for Perspective


As mentioned above, tarot has accumulated a reputation for being associated with reading the future. We prefer to focus on the use of tarot as a way to learn more about the present. You see, tarot’s great strength is in gaining insight into the major forces and figures in your life. Typically this knowledge is used to make predictions about the future. Gaining a new perspective on what is happening now is often more valuable and more clear.


For the most part, when people come to seek help from a tarot reader, what they are interested in is information that they can use to make a particular decision. This might be something related to a career choice or business decision, a romantic decision, or something else entirely. The point of using tarot to look into the future is to see which of these choices will lead to the best outcome, or at least to learn more about their pros and cons.


The knowledge of tarot, when applied to the present, is even more useful than the future. This is because the information is more direct. It is also more general.


For example, if you want information about a decision and you ask a reader to look ahead and see where each choice leads, you might learn something useful. But if you take our approach and focus on the present instead, you’ll learn about all the different forces and factors that are affecting that decision now, which can be more valuable. For example, you might decide on a course of action that you hadn’t even considered before.

Tarot card readings might seem archaic. But they and other arts like palm reading and medium reading are just means to an end, and that end is known. It’s increasingly difficult to keep track of all the key information you need to function well. Using tarot allows you to discern what’s important and what needs your attention. That is a valuable ability when the economic, political, and social landscapes are in upheaval. Consider it an investment.


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